The Harris Newmark Family - 2003






Leo Newmark (died in infancy)

Edith Newmark (died in infancy)

Marco Newmark

Edward Newmark (died in childbirth)

Maurice Newmark

Phillip Newmark (died in Childbirth)

Estelle Newmark Loeb

Ella Newmark Seligman

Emily Newmark Loew

Josephine Rose (died in childhood) 



Rose Loeb Levi

Harris “Nick” Newmark

Eleanore Newmark Scharff

Florence Newmark Kauffman

Harold Loeb (died in childhood)

Joseph Loeb

George Loeb

Edwin Loeb

Lottie Seligman Jacoby

Ruth Seligman Hirshfield

Rose Loew Nordlinger

Stephen N. Loew


Great Grandchildren

Richard L. Levi

John N. Levi

Leon Levi

Elizabeth Levi Lissner

Constance Scharff

Dennis Scharff

Warren Schraff

Stephen Kauffman

Richard Kauffman

Kathlene Loeb

Margaret Loeb

Marjorie Loeb

Virginia Loeb

Eleanor Jacoby

Sally Jacoby

Grover Jacoby Jr.

Ruth Hirshfield

Ella Hirshfield

Fannie Emily Nordlinger Abrams

Louis NordlingerJr.

Stephen N. Loew Jr.

Robert Loew

Jack Loew

Margo Newmark Rosenbaum

Harris Newmark 3rd


Great Great Grandchildren 

John N. Levi Jr.

Linda Levi

Joan Levi Cardoza

Louise Abrams Earn

Barbara Abrams Gordon

Linda Nordlinger Metzner

Douglas Levi

Patricia Levi Isaacs

Neil Adam Rosenbaum

Jacquiline Newmark

Kent Harris Newmark

Rolinda Loew Bloom

Susan Loew Wilson

Jay Loew

Alison Loew Arraut

Jennifer Loew

Jonathan Loew

Constance Scharff

Michael Scharff

Courtney Scharff


Great Great Great Grandchildren

Debbie Levi McPhie

Robert Levi

Rex Levi

Jamie Levi

John Levi

Carrie Lyn Cardoza

Catherine Michelle Cardoza

Dorothy Isaacs

Karen Wilson Wong

Michael Stephen Wilson

Charles Isaacs

Diana Isaacs Sturr

Craig Isaacs

Donna Isaacs Somekh

Elizabeth Rose Gordon

Richard Evan Gordon

Jeffrey Metzner

David Metzner

Sara Elizabeth Bloom

Alexandria Loew

Jacob Wood


Great Great Great Great Grandchild

 Maximilian Andrei Falaleyev

Daniel Andrei Falaleyev

Michelle Sun Wong

Dorothy Isaacs

Caroline Isaacs

Harrison Isaacs

Maureen Patricia Isaacs

Jennifer Lynn  McPhie Neuer

Eva Marie Isaacs

Maureen Isaacs

Charlie Sturr

Hart Charles Sturr

Elizabeth Sturr

Natalie Somekh

William Somekh

Theodore Somekh


 Great Great Great Great Great Grandchild

 Taylor Neuer


A list of occupations of relatives of Harris Newmark. If the information is incorrect or anyone wants to be included please contact me at


Maurice H. Newmark-studied in New York and France. President of M.A. Newmark & Co wholesale grocers.

Marco R. Newmark- University of California at Berkeley B.A., Graduated from University of Berlin in Philosophy. President of M.A. Newmark & Co. a wholesale grocery business.

Estelle Newmark  Loeb- married Leon Loeb who was French Council and President of City of Paris department store.

 Emily Newmark Loew- married Jacob Loew President of Capitol Milling Co.


Rose Loeb Levi -my Grandmother a housewife and Bible and Shakespeare scholar, her husband Herman Levi was President of Capitol Milling Co. in LA.

Harris “Nick” Newmark-Stanford BA, was a V.P. of RCA and later a stockbroker with Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. in LA.

Joseph P. Loeb-Cal Berkeley  BA, Attorney and founding partner of Loeb and Loeb in LA.

Edwin Loeb- Cal Berkeley, Attorney and founding partner of Loeb and Loeb in LA.

Stephen Loew Sr.- President of Capitol Milling Co. in LA.

Great Grandchildren

Richard L. Levi- Stanford BA and Insurance Executive.

John N. Levi- Stanford BA and V.P. Capitol Milling Co.

Leon Levi- Stanford Grad. Undergrad and Law School, Attorney and Partner in Loeb and Loeb.

Elizabeth Levi Lissner-housewife and wife of Louis Lissner, Stanford BA.  Stanford Law School,  and partner at Loeb and Loeb.

Kathlene Loeb Bernath – Columbia University, librarian and wife of Edward Bernath Assistant Superintendent of New York City Schools.

Marjorie Loeb- Stanford BA and children’s book author.

Grover Jacoby Jr.-poet and editor of poetry magazines.

Fannie Emily Nordlinger Abrams - Mills BA- housewife and wife of Milton “Bud” Abrams President of Simon Levi Company.

Stephen N. Loew Jr.-President of Capitol Milling Co.

Robert Loew- Stanford BA - businessman

Jack Loew-businessman

Harris Newmark 3rd.-M.D. Physician-Radiologist

Margo Newmark Rosenbaum- Photographer and wife of Neil Rosenbaum Artist, Musicologist at U. of Georgia

Great Great Grandchildren

John N. Levi Jr.- UCLA, and CLU Insurance Executive

Linda Levi- UCLA BA. MA, Artist and College Professor

Joan Levi Cordova- California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo BA, Elementary School Principal in Tracy Calif.

Louise Abrams Earn- worked in sales and married to Bill Earn a sales executive

Barbara Abrams Gordon – UCLA BA, USC MSW wife of Ron Gordon an Attorney

Douglas Levi- Ohio Wesleyan BA, former President of Capitol Milling Co. and now President of Capitol Distribution

Patricia Levi Isaacs-Redlands College, homemaker and wife of Hart Isaacs Jr.-Stanford BS and MD - physician and Pediatric Pathologist specializing in Cancer research at Children’s Hospital in San Diego and Associate Clinical Professor at UCSD.

Rolinda Loew Bloom- married to an Architect

Susan Loew Wilson- University of Colorado, mother and charity volunteer

Jennifer Loew – Teacher

Great Great Great  Grandchildren

Debbie Levi McPhie – owns a pre-school nursery school , is married and lives in Ventura, Ca.

Robert (Ben) Levi- California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo B.S. Solar Engineering.  Also works as a Computer Engineer and consultant and lives in Boulder,CO.

Rex Levi-Pepperdine University BA- lives in Agoura and is a Commercial Realtor and Professor of Sailing at Pepperdine.

Jamie Levi – married and is Manager of a Singular phone store.

John Levi - Attended U. of Kansas and U.S.C. and works at Capitol Distribution in the milling business.

Dorothy Issacs – Lewis and Clark BA, Monterey Institute MBA, lives in Monterey, CA.

Dianna Issacs Sturr- Brown University BA lives in Arizona, married to an Attorney, and has talk radio show program under the name Dee Dee Sturr.

Charles Issacs – University of California at Santa Barbara-B.S.Engineering, was Vice President of Operations for Broad Daylight which was recently acquired by Primus Knowledge Solutions.

Craig Isaacs- UCSB-BA- President of Neon Software.

Dona Isaacs Somekh –UCSB BA- Teacher married to a realtor and living in Newport Beach CA

Great Great Great Great Grandchildren

Jennifer Lynn McPhie Neur-Married to a Mortor Cross racer who is also an Editor of MotoCross Magazine