The Newmark Family, 1851-Present

I set up this family site for several reasons. I saved articles about my art so I could have records for my resume, and when there were articles about my family, I also kept them.  In 2007, I discovered some old papers, artifacts and family albums from the 19th century, so I had even more information.I donated these “papers” to the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, now part of the Autry Center, since my family “The Newmarks”, had been instrumental in the Southwest’s founding in 1910. About the same time I had begun to set up a web site for my art, and because I had so much material, I added another one for family. Most of the family articles were uploaded in 2007. A few have been added later, as there is more interest in Los Angeles, it’s history, and in particular it’s Jewish History, and the Newmark family were very important to L.A.’s development into a great city.

Linda Levi